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Mozart Piano Sonata No.9

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 's Piano Sonata no. 9 in D Major K331 is a sonata for solo piano composed in 1777

It consists of three movements:

I. Allegro Con Spirito
II. Adantino Con Espressione
III. Rondeau

The first movement begins with a swift and cheerful melody which lasts for several measures and then leads into a passage of rapid sixteenth notes. The section ends with four strong chords, and quickly leaps into the second theme. This is repeated and then a brief minor section of the second theme is repeated in a minor key. With a few soft chords it gradually transfers into the swift original melody and closes.

The second movement, being more laid back, starts with a slow melodious beginning accented by soft cadences with the left hand. Gradually the bass progresses with a moving ostinato into the second theme. The main melody is played again, followed by a short minor section. The original key is then reclaimed and the second movement ends.

The energetic and robust third movement, being the most difficult of the three, begins with several accacciaturas , and a sixteenth note passage enters into the second theme. The main theme is repeated and enters into a minor section. A rapid chromatic scale takes the piece back to the major key and the sonata ends.

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